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We provide full legal services in the field of business law, on a Swiss and international level. In addition to the draft, negotiation, conclusion, and review of commercial contracts, we help you in the different stages of the creation of your company, in the operations of sale and acquisition of businesses, and in the restructuring operations, such as mergers, divisions, and transfers of assets.

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We make your business stronger

Too many entrepreneurs neglect the legal part of their business hoping to save money. But instead, they end up being fooled because the risk is so high. Without legal protection, you expose yourself to liability and lawsuits that can cost you a lot of money, time effort, and ruin your image.

Reduce the risks and regulate your business relations with a contract. The right words can protect you from disputes with customers, suppliers, and your own employees.


We help you with the contracts, the general terms and conditions, and the disclaimers your business needs. Once you cover your bases and assets, you can focus on what you love to do without any legal worries.


Whom do we address? Anyone running a business, online and offline. Starting a business. Running a website. Providing services. Partnershipping. Make the legal part, and the success of your business, stronger.



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We are your external legal department!

Do you have legal questions but cannot or do not want to pay the high costs of in-house attorneys?


Do you have an internal legal department, but at the moment it is overloaded with work?


Do you need to replace an in-house attorney temporarily absent?

We help you to deal with the legal issues of your day-to-day business, as well as with extraordinary legal procedures. All this in 5 languages. 


Our solutions for you are pragmatic, economical, and safe. For your success!





 30-minutes|phone call - video call
 1 hour| phone call - video call

 1 hour| meeting

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