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  • Owner and Founding Attorney

       IMLaw LLC

       Lugano & Zürich (2019)

  • Owner and Founding Attorney 

       IMLaw Law Offices of Ioana Mauger

       Berne & Lugano (2016-2019)

  • Corporate Attorney

       Post CH Ltd

       Berne (2011-2016)

  • Legal Counsel 

       Federal Administrative Court

       Berne (2008-2011)

  • Legal Compliance Officer

       Law & Finance Ltd

       Lugano (2008)

  • Public Notary Trainee       Commercial & Land Registry Offices Lugano & Biasca (2019)

  • Legal Trainee

       Civil District Court - Section Divorces

       Lugano (2007)

  • Legal Trainee

       Law and Notary Office Ottaviani

       Lugano (2006-2008)


  • CAS International Business Law

       University of London (2015)

  • Admission to the Bar

       Canton Ticino (2010)

  • Law Degree

       University of Lausanne (2006)

       University of Zurich (2005)

  • High School Diploma in Classical Studies

       Liceo di Lugano (2000)

IMLaw was founded in 2016 to practice law in a different way:

simpler and closer to clients.


the law for you.

We work for you. We defend your rights. Regardless of your nationality, origin, language, religion, social position, income, properties, lifestyle, health, or disability.

Thanks! We appreciate your message. We'll get back to you shortly.


the law with you.

We work with you. We facilitate the personal and direct relationship between attorney and client to make you part of the team. We are flexible. We use the communication tools you prefer (e-mail, phone, mobile, video conference, meetings, etc.) and the social network you prefer (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube). Everything to help you deal with the legal problems in a positive way, with the right person always at your side.


the law in evolution.

We work innovatively and are future-oriented, using the Internet and digital technology to simplify and improve the relationship between attorney and client. For example? With our online legal services, we have integrated the traditional channel of legal advice personal and the digital channel. Now you can send us your legal question with a click and receive a written answer, within 24 hours, at the fixed price of CHF 110.00 (VAT included).


Give it a try, why not?


 Meet Ioana

Ioana has a diversified academic and professional path. She worked in law firms, in courts, in a bank, and for a big company. 


In the course of her activity as a corporate lawyer, and at law firms, Ioana specialized in the fields of business law, and contract law in particular. For more than 13 years, Ioana has helped companies and individuals with different types of contracts. Collaboration agreements, employment agreements, agency agreements, contracts for work and services, contracts of carriage, purchase and sale agreements, rental and lease agreements, loan agreements, confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, share purchase agreements, shareholders’ agreements… but also with more original contracts, for instance for self-driving cars. 


     Which contract may we help you with?  

When she’s not helping her clients, Ioana loves to spend time with her family, live the adventures of her kids, laugh, tell, listen, and read. Preferably at the sea. With something good to eat and a glass of red wine.


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